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What is Microfiber?

Microfiber - a high-tech blend of polyester and polyamide (nylon) that makes for superior cleaning capabilities. The fibers are 100 times thinner than a human hair. Microfiber's absorbing power is quicker than normal cotton. Like a sponge, fine pores absorb water as well as lift and trap dust, dirt, bacteria, and grime.

Unlike cotton and other materials, microfiber actually grabs on to the dirt and dust and pulls it away from the surface. It does not scratch, but it acts as a trap for dirt, bacteria, and dust. The pictures below illustrate how it works.

microfiber cleans better than cotton
Microfiber is far superior at removing dirt, dust, bacteria, etc. from the surface.
Traditional cotton cloths leave behind a lot of residue and dirt.

Microfiber: It's a Win/Win

Employees love to use microfiber products because it makes their jobs much easier and less time consuming. With an ergonomic design, employees will experience less exhaustion and will be able to perform at full capacity until the end of the day. As an employer, you will see an incredible improvement in cleanliness and a drastic reduction in workplace injuries due to lifting heavy mops and buckets.

Key Benefits of MicrofiberSpot.com Microfiber Products:

Green Product:

Microfiber is labeled a green product because of its superior cleaning capabilities without the use of chemicals.  The cloths/towels and mop pads have a distinct advantage over typical cotton and other traditional materials because of their ability to actually grab on to dirt and particles as opposed to smearing it around.  Microfiber works well dry, but water is often all that is used when cleaning many surfaces.
*With the advent of anti-microbial microfiber, no chemicals are needed to kill 99.99% of single celled organisms for the life of the towel.  Read more here.


Outside of just superior cleaning capabilities, microfiber is also non-abrasive. With most cleaning materials, the dirt particles you are wiping up will remain on the outside of the fiber and will readily be wiped over the surface again and again. This will cause scratches on the surface and may seriously damage delicate finishes. With microfiber, the particles get trapped inside the fiber therefore the soft material you feel is the only thing wiping the surface.


If all of the other features and benefits are not enough, microfiber is going to greatly outlast other cleaning materials as it relates to your application. It is easy to care for. It is constructed to be free-rinsing, so either quickly rinsing out in a sink or machine washing with a mild detergent will bring your microfiber back to new. (Dry with low or no heat).

Be Cautious of Sub Par Microfiber Products:

There are many different microfiber products on the market today making it difficult to determine what microfibers are best. This is what you need to know;

Q. What type of blend are the microfiber products you stock?
A. MicrofiberSpot only provides a 70 percent polyester / 30 percent polyamide microfiber for a few reasons which include: longevity, durability and absorbency over other blends. Don't be fooled by lower grade blends such as 80/20 or 75/25!

Q. Does the microfiber pick up and hold onto dirt, dust, grime and bacteria?
A. Independent studies show our microfibers are split to a denier of 0.02. This is the finest split available on the market today. The finer the split the more productive the microfiber product will preform in picking up and holding onto bacteria and dirt.

Q. Where is the microfiber made?
A. We utilize only the finest South Korean manufactured microfibers to offer our vast customer base. Many of our customers choose the South Korean style microfibers because, simply put, they are better quality!

Anti-Microbial Microfiber

The anti–microbial line of microfiber is the only of its’ kind on the market today. It has been proven that the treated towel will kill 99.99% (the highest level that can be achieved) of all single cell organisms for the life of the product. This treatment works as a physical reaction and not a chemical reaction. Why is this important? Other anti-microbial treatments have a chemical reaction that leaches out of the product, this allows “bugs” to build up a tolerance to the treatment and therefore over a very short period of time morph into “super bugs” that are immune to the treatment and the product has lost its value.


A simple explanation of the product is there are millions upon millions of tiny swords covalently bonded to our microfiber products, these swords pierce the microorganisms as they come in contact with the surface of the product. The “bug” is then drawn down by the negative charge of the sword and with the positive charge of a nitrogen atom it is electrocuted. There is never a chance for survival or a chance to build a tolerance to being stabbed and electrocuted. This coupled with the finest microfiber available ensures the absolute most sanitary way for you to protect and keep your facility or home clean.


The cell membrane is attracted to the surface and is then punctured by the long molecular chain. The long lasting durability is a result of this physical method of controlling unpleasant microorganisms.


The microorganism is further destroyed by electrocution. Since the Microbe Shield is not consumed to destroy the organism, it stands ready to fight again.


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